real estate


Perspective is a developer and manager of property projects of standing.



As with a director of an orchestra, Perspective surrounds itself with talented partners who were asked for their assistance due to their specific artistic approaches and the requirements of each project (civil-law notaries, legal protection, environmental studies, architecture, engineering, administration, bookkeeping, construction, renovation, marketing, etc.). We anticipate on the work of each partner, coordinate this and ultimately process everything to create one whole to realise the original plan up to the smallest detail while costs and terms are reduced.

Perspective specialises in the development and the full or partial management of property as well as tailor-made property services (assessment of the property with a view to buying, renovating or selling).

Our teams work under the Construction Quality label and pay attention to every detail. We believe that you should not have to deal with surprises.

We pay much attention to complying and reducing costs and terms.

Our team consists of experienced site managers, work coordinators, field workers and IPI (Institut Professionnel des Agents Immobiliers) recognised estate agents. However, we also often surround ourselves with (legal, technical and/or administrative) advisers to ensure we support you as best as possible in relation to your project.