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Why settle for a dream? Enjoy the vitality of the hyper-center with the proximity of the countryside. A walk-through apartment, large green terraces, privacy and even several parking spaces.
Le 10 | Saint-Hadelin represents the ultimate in architectural refinement. Inside and outside, you will be reassured by exceptional materials, refined and bright finishes worthy of the most beautiful architect's villas.
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    Eco Construction

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Unit available 5/10
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Floor: 01
No. A1
Type: Apartment with garden
for sale
Surface: 124M²
Exterior: 16M²
Room: 2

Floor: 01
No. A2
Type: Apartment with garden
for sale
Surface: 125M²
Exterior: 20M²
Room: 2

Floor: 01
No. A3
Type: Apartment with garden
for sale
Surface: 133M²
Exterior: 26.5M²
Room: 2

Floor: 02
No. A5
Type: flat
for sale
Surface: 122M²
Exterior: /
Room: 2

Floor: 03
No. A7
Type: flat
for sale
Surface: 135M²
Exterior: /
Room: 3


The 10 | Saint-Hadelin is resolutely in line with the future and responds perfectly to the current desire to have a low energy consumption home. The techniques used here minimize the ecological impact of the buildings: low energy floor heating and reinforced insulation on the whole building.

The ventilation system is a double flow system with filtered fresh air supply and stale air extraction. The architect planned for high efficiency glazing and windows, both thermal and phonic, with solar protection. Reducing energy consumption and preserving the environment, our challenge for the future, and that of others.

The quality of the materials also affirms this desire for sustainability. The natural blue stone embodies stability over time and highlights local know-how.

Inside and out, every detail embodies the concern for exclusivity. The minimalist glass railing is fully recessed, the black aluminum cladding is precisely machined, natural materials are integrated into the common areas, the doors reach the ceiling, etc...


In a resolutely modern style, the 10 | Saint-Hadelin attracts the eye by its angular variations and its salient edges.

At the gateway to the city center, the three corners of the intersection are marked by emblematic Mosan constructions. Downstream from Avenue Général Bertrand, the residence adopts this role of buttress while creating a landmark specific to its time.

On this plot of land with singular shapes, we wanted to respect the alignment of the facades and to keep a maximum of parking spaces, while adding a landscaped area in front of the building. Through a play of inversion between natural stone and black aluminium, generous terraces nestle between the intertwining right angles.

Thanks to the natural slope, we were able to add a parking level in the basement and distribute the apartments through a central access on the first floor, which considerably reduces the congestion of the floors by the common parts.

Interior design

The high level of finishing is required and controlled by interior designers. Each layout can thus be qualified as unique. Free from industrial modules, our interior designers are inspired by avant-garde design and the know-how of the best craftsmen. They draw from nature and the arts of living from around the world to test the assembly of unsuspected and innovative variations.

With a concern for ethics, we select noble and resistant materials, while taking care to integrate them in a sustainable and minimalist way.

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