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A real estate project combining housing, an intergenerational residence, commercial spaces and offices on the banks of the Meuse
Located on the banks of the Meuse, in the immediate vicinity of Visé and the motorways leading to Holland and Germany, the MeuseView project will seduce you with its bold architecture, the top-of-the-range finishes of the flats and its unique "Résidence Edgar" concept. A place to live that is unique in the region
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Living in Hermalle-sous-Argenteau

An unexpected site on the banks of the Meuse, whose exceptional location offers the advantages of a green environment, while taking advantage of the facilities available in the neighboring towns: Visé and its shops and schools are 2km away, the hospital of Hermalle is 800m away.

Green and blue

Green like the surroundings of the MeuseView project, which are designed with care and creativity by the Dutch garden architecture firm Puur Groen. Nature surrounds you in a beautiful, structured and soothing landscape.

Cyclists have direct access from their apartments to the RAVel.

Blue like the sky reflected in the Meuse. The new district is situated along the river, an exceptional stopover between Maastricht and the "Cité Ardente".

Committed architecture

The architecture is contemporary and daring. The shape of the buildings symbolizes the new impetus of these lands of Basse-Meuse.

The shapes of the site remind us of the new Hermalle bridge, a strong symbol. This harmony is a call to an active and innovative area of the municipality of Oupeye.

Unique, light, airy and dynamic landmarks confirmed by sober and homogeneous materials.

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